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2020.11.16 【約翰‧凱吉:一位酷兒的禪機藝語 John Cage: The Zenness and Queerness in His Arts】

11月16日(星期一)下午 1:30 在北藝大圖書館基進講堂,北藝大博班實驗室(TaipeiArts Doctoral Research Lab)邀請到長年耕耘音樂跨藝術學科研究的音樂學者、鋼琴家彭宇薰,他將分享他近四年有關美國作曲家 John Cage 的最新成果,特別是禪學與其藝術哲學,以及 Cage 與其伴侶、編舞家 Merce Cunningham 的合作。

This November 16th (1:30 pm), the musicologist and pianist, Prof. Dr. Yuh-hsun Peng, will come to TNUA TADLab and give a speech about the American composer John Cage. She will talk about the Zenness in Cage’s arts, and his collaboration and life with his partner, the choreographer and dancer Merce Cunningham.


Besides, the musicologist Prof. Dr. Mei-chu Wang, and the composer Dr. Lily Chen, will join the discussion after Peng’s speech. We may imagine there will be a great discussion with multiple approach to music. Come join us!

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