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主講: Petar Milat(克羅埃西亞哲學家與歐洲人權影展策展人)

時間:9月18日(二)14:00-17:00 地點:北藝大國際書苑大廳


— unlike a philosopher who is after conceptual and argumentative coherence, a former philosopher is setting up an resonant environment.

— a former philosopher's presentation is rather like an introduction to imaginary exhibition where all material displayed is on equal footing and of same importance.

— general idea : what interests me is the temporality of form. temporality not taken as form's historicity, its emergence and decay, but form as inherently temporal operation or even object.


Petar Milat(b. 1974) is a former philosopher and serves as the head of programmes at Multimedia Institute/MaMa [Zagreb, Croatia], in charge of publishing, experimental music and film programmes. Since 2008 he is the director of Human Rights Film Festival, a festival of cinéma d'auteur engagé. The nexus of normative social and aesthetic theory is the main focus of his research.

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